Acceptance of conditions and services request

Do you want to become a member of FaiService? Do the next three steps easily from your personal computer

IMPORTANT: Before starting compilation, be sure to have with you:
  • mobile phone where you will receive:
    • Signature Pin
    • and One Time Password (OTP)
  • identification document
  • photo (selfie) taken with the document in your hand (clearly visible)
  • Chamber of commerce company report updated
  • eventual transport licence or other document in lieu.

1) Fill in the application form

Answering a few simple questions, your application will be generated.
  • Registry
  • Register, CCIA e Licence
  • Privacy consent

2) Enables advanced electronic signature

Signing up online will be generated your signature pin (which will help you to sign all future documents).
  • Complete your personal information, upload your identification document and your selfie (Photo of your face with in your hand the recognition document, well visible)
  • Keeps the personal signature pin you will receive with sms
  • Confirm and take a look at the terms and condition of the advanced electronic signature

3) Sign the application form

To sign up your application form:
  • Enter your signature pin (received during your recognition)
  • Enter within 120 seconds the One Time password (OTP)
  • Sign up your document, clicking on Firma and on Ok, and keep it on your pc
Your application form is now complete.

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